Here we are again… Part 2 of our expiry dates blog. Since publishing part 1, I have had many conversations in the salon about people not realsing that any beauty/makeup products have an expiration date. Its funny how theres so much extra detail in our day to day routines that we’re not actually aware of. 

There’s endless products with expiration dates on them, the list could go on and on. So, we’ve hand picked a few different ones that we feel most people will use regularly. Again, like we stated in part 1, these are the guidelines that we stand by, and there could be differing opinions on the internet or from other people. We cannot say for definite that these are the exact expiration dates, but we are confident that they’re the closest that we can guarentee. 


Micellar Water

The clue is in the name with this product. WATER. Bacteria harvests in wet spaces, especially where air gets in continuously. Rubbing  bacteria on your face daily is as bad as it sounds, and can cause heaps of problems. 6 months is the guideline to get rid of your old product and bring in a new bottle. However, I know that I would 100% use a whole bottle in under 6 months, so this one isn’t too much to worry about. 

Some Micellar waters are half oil and half water, so make sure that you shake well before use.



Expired cleansers won’t be as effective as new cleansers. If you use an expired cleanser, it’s “job” wont be fulfilled and you will be wasting your time. It can also cause great irritation to your skin and can sometimes lead to bacterial infections, spots, pustules and rashes. Cleansers can come in two different types of containers. Containers which use a pump are less likely  to be contaminated by bacteria, because it is much harder for air to contaminate to bottle and product. Therefore, the expiration date on this is roughly a year. A cleanser that comes in a pot will only last for 6 months because the product can get contaminated with bacteria not only through the air, but through fingers being dipped into it daily. You will normally be able to tell if your product is expiring if the texture, smell or colour of it changes. Always keep an eye on the product and if you feel it has changed in any way, it is best to get rid and avoid any contaminated product being spread across your face. 



Much like Micellar Water, toners are made up mostly of water, therefore can harvest bacteria easily and quickly. Again, being vigilant where products are concerned is the key to staying on top of your products expiration dates. Any change in colour, scent or texture can be the signs of your products going off. Toner can be used for 6 months before it should be changed. 



Moisturiser is another product that can come in several packages. Pump bottles will last for about a year and pots will last for roughly six months. Bacteria wont grow quite as rapidly on these products as they do on primarily water based products, but it will grow so be aware. If you use moisturiser out of date, it wont be as good a product and can cause chaos on your face, and can encourage breakouts and patchy skin. 


Nail Varnish 

Nail varnish doesn’t go off in the same way as skincare. It cannot cause any harm to the nail if it is gone off, but you wont be able to use it due to how it goes off. As soon as a nail varnish is opened, air pours into the bottle. This can then ‘evaporate’ some of the ingredients, causing the nail varnish to thicken and then dry out, meaning it will be nearly impossible to apply nicely. 

The only thing to consider with nail varnish is if you have a fungal nail infection and then use the varnish directly onto the nail, the varnish can be contaminated, and if the product gets used continuously or somebody else uses it, it can spread the virus. Throwing away your varnish after using on a fungal nail infection is the only way to contain the virus. 

A nail varnish should last about a year before drying out.


Lip Balm

Lip balm can come in two packages too! A tube is the longer lasting because, again, air cannot penetrate through to the product, contaminating with bacteria. It is always advisable to wipe the nib of the lipbalm after every use, just because we have a lot of bacteria in our mouths and we dont want it to harvest on the applicator section. These types can last up to a year, depending on how sanitary you are with it. If you dont wash the applicator, it will last for about 6 months. 

A lip balm in a pot will only last for 6 months because bacteria can spread through the product. Washing your hands before you stick your finger in the product will prolong its lifetime. Sharing this product is not advisable due to how much bacteria can harvest on the product, causing spreading of bacterial infections.



Perfumes and body sprays are amazing because they last for such a long time. 8-10 years in fact.

No bacteria can get into the product because they spray outwards, and do not suck any air back in. They’re completely air tight. The best way to keep the fragrance in its best condition is to keep it out of direct sunlight and keep in a cool place. Sunlight and heat can cause the product to go off quicker. Always keep the lid on tight to stop the spray nozzle getting dried out, which will cause the fragrance to get stuck in the bottle. 

If your frangrance discolours, or looks slightly stale, throw it away. If it smells different to when you purchased it, throw it away then too – mainly because it probably wont smell particularly nice!!


Facial Oil

The expiration date on facial oil really does depend on how the product is stored. Storing in high temperatures or places where there is too much sun exposure can cause a quicker rate of oxidation. This means they will go off quicker. Facial oils typically last about 9 months to a year. It is best to keep them in a cool, dark place, sometimes even the fridge, to keep them in their best condition for the longest amount of time. 


Hand Cream

Hand creams past their expiration dates cannot cause any damage, but they won’t lock in moisture or perform how you would expect/want them to. Any product that is sealed and hasn’t be opened at all can last up to 3 years without being opened. This is because no air can get into the product, meaning no bacteria can get into the product. Otherwise, 6 months is roughly the correct amount of time to keep your hand cream. The smell and texture will give the game away, so always keep an eye on this. Keeping hand cream in cool dark places, such as your handbag, is the best way to keep them from oxidising and going off. 


There are so many different products that we could’ve covered in this blog, including razors, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, eye drops etc. If you do want us to continue with Part 3, please do comment and let us know.

Otherwise, we hope that you learnt something new in this blog post and we hope that you can go through your beauty products knowing when to get rid!


Team Revive


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