From icy white to sun kissed brondes – bleach is the key to unlocking some of the most sought after hair colours! Whether you want a stunning balayage or some subtle baby lights, bleach is used by your stylist to lift your hair to the correct level, to then get toned to a shade bespoke to you. 

There are many pros to bleaching your hair, but unfortunately, it also has the ability to damage your hair too. 

What are the signs of Bleach Damaged Hair? 

The most common signs of bleach damage are as follows:

  • Dullness
  • Loss of Shine
  • Brittle Strands
  • Breakage 
  • Flyaway
  • Split Ends
  • Hard To Tame Tangling
  • Dry, Rough Texture

Other, less common signs of Bleach damage include excessive snapping and fallout. This is usually due to the misuse of bleach, either being left on for too long or application on super weak hair. Your stylist will know the best thing for your hair, ensuring that it doesn’t get over processed and damaged. Sometimes you may be advised not to go with a bleaching service, even if that’s what you really want. You hair stylist always ha your best interest at heart, and will never want to do anything to compromise the condition of your lovely locks. 


Don’t Worry – There are always ways to protect your hair from bleach damage!


If you have an appointment booked, or you’re considering getting a bleach treatment on your hair – ask your stylist to include Wellaplex No.1 Bond Maker mixed with you lightener. This product is designed to build bonds within the hair during colouring or lightening services. The lightening service will then be finished with Wellaplex No.2 Bond Stabilizer to further strengthen the bonds. You can even buy the Wellaplex No.3 Hair Stabilizer in the salon to take home and use as a treatment mask. This will boost the effects at home – keeping your hair in lovely condition!



I Have Bleach Damage – How Do I Care For It?


The best shampoos to use at home for coloured/bleached hair are ones which combine nourishment with colour protecting qualities. We recommend using the ColourMotion+ Colour Protection Shampoo. It cares for the shade you’ve worked to create, and adds a dose of Wellaplex treatment with every wash to keep your bonds in perfect condition. However, any brand of colour protection shampoo will work too. 


You should never ever wash your coloured hair without finishing with a conditioner. It not only boost your strands with essential moisture,  keeping it looking shiny, but it also helps with any tangles which you might have from your damage. Choosing one which is the sister to your chosen shampoo will keep your hair in the best condition possible. ColourMotion+ Moisturising Colour Reflection Conditioner is the one that we would recommend. 

Leave In Conditioner

Bleach damaged hair tends to become highly porous. This means that the moisture that you’ve injected into your hair whilst washing and conditioning can escape trough tiny holes and cracks in the hair shaft. Using  leave in conditioner will mean that your injecting any of that lost moisture back into your hair, keeping it looking shiny and feeling extra soft. 


We’re all guilty of dragging a random brush through our wet, tangled hair, tugging at knots and pulling hair from our scalps. However, our hair is much more prone to breakage when wet/damp; using a specialised wet friendly brush (such as a tangle teaser) will help you to brush your wet hair without damaging it. Starting from the tips of your hair, gently brush through the tangles a bit at a time. Tis will ensure that you’re not causing unnecessary damage to your hair. 

Heat Control 

All hair should be shielded from the heat – whether that is from the sun or from the hairdryer. UV rays and hot tools can cause so much damage to your hair, which leave it looking dull and faded. Dialling down exposure will be a help, try wearing a hat when in the sun and try to use heated products less. Heat protection spray for when your using heated products will help to protect your strands from damage. In the sun, we recommend using INVIGO Sun UV Protection Spray with your heat defence when it sunny outside. This duo will keep your strands from getting damaged. 

Be Picky With Hair Ties 

When you tie up your hair, you shouldn’t ever do it super tight, as this will cause strain on your hair strands. If you really want/need to tie your hair up, opt for silk hair ties, as these wont fray or tug on your hair. Styles that tug less on your scalp, such as a low pony, will be beneficial too. A healthy scalp = healthy hair.



*we are unable to stock every product listed above in the salon, however we are able to order them in for individuals. For more information on products, please call us on 01536428756.

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