Who doesn’t love glitter? Glitter shoes, glitter handbags and of course, glitter nails! Our lives are full of glitter, we literally find it everywhere… in our shoes, in our hair, on our dogs!

Every single day we open up a pot of  Magpie Glitter and add sparkles to our lovely clients nails! We have 66 different colours of glitter to choose from, the nail design possibilities are endless!

Full nail, half a nail, faded nail; you can have anything you want! (Within reason haha)


Magpie is a small family run business which was founded in 2015. As a small business ourselves, we love to support other companies in the same position as we are!

And as it happens, Magpie Glitters are the best glitters we have found, and we will continue to use for the foreseeable future!

Even better, the Royal Wedding is coming up this weekend, and a gorgeous limited addition ‘Meghan’ glitter has been released, and we are so excited to be able to offer it to all of our beautiful ladies in the salon before and after the wedding! 


The moral of this story is, we love glitter, even when we find it in our bras! 

Talk soon,

Heather & Isla


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