Our journey of becoming young business women came reality late in the afternoon on 31st August 2017. Working as beauty therapists for a business was certainly different to owning a beauty business ourselves. As we were so young, nineteen and twenty one, it was a massive risk to take and huge pressure and responsibility was put on our shoulders, but we believed in each other and that kept us going. Having a very successful business in the family already gave us the strength and determination to strive forward and give our new venture the best chance we could. During the first few months of owning Revive, we struggled to digest the huge, life changing decision we had just made. There have been many times that we have double guessed our decisions, thinking we were too young and not ready to become business owners. 


After a couple of weeks of owning Revive, we made a number of changes to make it “our own”. We spent hours in the salon on our days off, and endless trips to the shops kept us busy.

We got through a crazily busy Christmas period and started the New Year off with a bang. With our clients love, support and belief in us, we made Revive more successful than it’s ever been. 

Revive Beauty at Lamport Manor has not only been a place of work for us, it’s been a home. For us, it is our future it is also our family’s future. We also wouldn’t have been able to make it work so well without all of our clients. New and old, every single client means the world to us. 


With your help we have grown really big and have outgrown the building that we occupy. With the support of everyone who has stepped inside our front door, we have grown out of Revive Beauty at Lamport Manor. Therefore, we have to say goodbye. Our building has served us well, the landlord and his wife have left us to our own devices and have been extremely helpful when needed. We will miss everything about Manor Farm. The scenery, the beautiful buildings and all of the friends we have made in the other buildings around the courtyard. 


So here it is, the biggest news we have ever shared with you. 

For the past few months, we have been choosing colours, decor, flooring, furniture, lighting and artwork to completely kit out our new, high end salon which is situated in Mawsley, a few minutes down the road from Lamport. 

We have put so much blood sweat and tears into making the new salon the best it can be. Not just for us, but for our clients. Everything in the salon is brand new and state of the art. We have even re-designed the logo.


We will soon be trading as “Revive Hair & Beauty”


We have built a stunning hairdressing studio within our salon so we can offer services literally from “‘head to toe”. We have so many more exciting new treatments for you in the new salon. We are having an opening event in the new salon in early September! This will be such an exciting day and we hope to see so  many of you there to celebrate with us!

We cannot believe it has nearly been a year since we took over Revive Beauty! It has been the craziest, most stressful year of our short lives, yet we wouldn’t change a single second of it for the world!

So, here we are, amazingly excited and overwhelmed by how lucky we are. We couldn’t have done it without our family, especially our mum who has been our rock and has helped a lot more than she’ll ever take credit for. 


We will always keep the name ‘Revive’ and always hold onto our original logo, after all that’s how our journey began. Revive Beauty is owned solely by us, there are no silent partners or investors. We look forward to keeping you up to date as our new salon takes shape and we will introduce you to our new staff member(s) very soon.

Here’s to new beginnings. Here’s to our clients who look after us. Here’s to clients who have become friends. Finally, here’s to “Revive Hair & Beauty”, we will do our best to make this business grow and be great. We will continuously work hard to make every single person who steps over our new threshold happy, welcomed and pampered. We are more determined than ever. 

Let’s make year two twice as good as year one!

Huge Love and Appreciation,

Heather & Isla


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