How am I staying cool in the heatwave? Straight up answer… I’m not. 

1976 was the last time that England hit such high temperatures. I was born in 1997, meaning I have never experienced heat this high in this country. A normal British summer hits highs of 25 ish and honestly, that is enough for me. 33 degrees is essential like sitting inside a steam room for eight consecutive weeks, being expected not to lose half of my body weight through sweat. 

In this blog, I will give you an insight to what I’ve been doing for the past weeks during the heatwave. Do not take this blog as a list of instructions, because quite frankly, I’m probably doing everything wrong and you probably won’t want to do a single thing I’ve been doing. 

1. Deodorant

I’m pretty sure that you can seriously over-do the amount of deodorant that you spray under your arms each day. However, I take a great amount of pleasure in knowing that every time I lift my arms above my head, a snowy scene descends from my underarms and turns my surroundings into winter wonderland. In my opinion, dandruff pits is better than BO pits. Maybe don’t apply so vigorously as I do, but deodorant will literally save you from any embarrassing smelly situations. Spray away people!


2. Hair

I try and keep my hair up to avoid the sticky back of the neck situation. Although, I do feel like a slight potato head if my hair is up and off my face. In all honesty, I wasn’t aware that your scalp could sweat so much! Daily hair washing seems to be the way forward for me. I know people say that this is bad for your hair, and natural grease is super nourishing. However, I do not wish to look like I haven’t washed my hair for weeks because the sweat formed on my head has stuck my hair so densely to my head that it looks more like a hat that a head of hair. No thank you. Sometimes, the thought of shaving my head sounds appealing, but again, potato head would be an issue and I don’t think that would boost my confidence. 

3. Clothing

I struggle massively with what to wear in summer. In winter, you can add layer upon layer to warm yourself up, however, in summer, you can only take a certain amount of layers off until you get done for indecent exposure. I have a huge tattoo on the back of my leg which got half eaten by cellulitis (yes, I know, no need to say a word), therefore I don’t particularly like wearing shorts or dresses. So, imagine how hot I’ve been getting. I’ve tried to wear thinner trousers or longer dresses, but to be honest, any form of material on my skin recently has been too much. No layers are being applied, no closed toe shoes are being worn. Essentially, the only way to keep cool where clothing is concerned is not to wear any. However, I am not a nudist, so I have had to stick to hideous clothing sticking to all the creases on my body. Thanks a lot summer 2018.

4. Water

If you know me, you’ll know how much I preach about drinking water. Water is cheap(ish), water is easy to get your hands on. Water keeps you hydrated, makes you feel more lively, makes you feel awake. Water keeps you cool. Drink more water. Thats all.

5. Sun Cream

Your skin is the biggest organ in/on your body. You have to look after it the best you can. Yes, a tan is nice and can boost confidence. Yes, the vitamins in the sun make your skin healthy. Yes, sun overexposure is extremely bad for your skin and can eventually be life threatening. Applying factor 15 once in the morning will not help to protect your skin. Apply it regularly, its important. One summer worth of tan is not worth the danger of what can happen to your skin over time due to excessive UV rays. I apply regularly, although I avoid the sun like it the plague. Having such pale see through skin, I can burn just looking at the sun. Therefore, I sit indoors, away from the sun. The sun is not my friend. 

6. Excitement

I’m sorry in advance. Nobody will want to hear my opinion on this, and yes, I’m the typical moaner. Brace yourselves…

Im excited for winter. Im excited for the early nights, the thick wooly jumpers. I’m excited to cuddle up on the sofa and watch cute films drinking hot chocolate. I hate summer, but I LOOOOVVEEEE winter. And rain. I think we’re all looking forward to some good ol’fashioned British rain. The grass sure needs it. 

Knowing this is coming fast, gets me through the heavy heat and sleepless nights. Bring on the cold. 


What have you been doing to keep yourself in the never ending heatwave?


Talk soon,



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