Life Under Lockdown

Well, who would have thought it?

A few months ago, when there was talk of a virus, I was the first one to tell everyone to calm down as it was just a ‘virus!’ We were asked if it would affect the running of the salon? Were we worried about it and did we think it was going to affect Heather’s forthcoming wedding? With a half grin, my response was a simple “no!” How wrong was I!

It became apparent very quickly that we were starting to live in a very uncertain world. I never thought we would be the stars of a new and very frightening disaster movie.  Of course, in time there will be a film made about 2020, that’s obvious and the far-fetched title ‘Invisible killer virus’ or ‘The virus that changed the world’ will resonate with us all.

I woke up on Sunday March 22nd and knew we needed to close the salon with immediate effect. I had awakened with the realization that what we were about to live through was real, uncertain and worrying. We received a lovely message from one of our clients saying how worried she was for our safety. I was able to reply and say we had spoken and had made the decision not to reopen as it was paramount to keep both staff and clients safe.

Jon took to our social media to let everyone know our decision and regular updates have been given. Monday 23rd saw us arriving at the salon to remove all stock and items of value. Sadly, only weeks earlier there was a break in on Barnwell Close, so we could not take the risk.

Monday afternoon, Boris Johnson made the announcement that all non-essential businesses needed to close. It confirmed that we had made the right decision! Like everyone, we were hoping the world situation was going to be short lived and things were going to return to normal, sadly not!

I am not a news watcher as I am quite happy living in my own little bubble, but I have found myself watching the live daily updates at 5pm. It has been both painful and worrying to see how exhausted the NHS workers are and the daily death toll rising by the 100’s. The word ‘pandemic’ was being used regularly and it was being made very clear that we needed to follow the rules of ‘lockdown’.

It is worrying for us all but more so for those who have to go to work or whom have family members and friends who have to work in an uncertain world every day. I feel so lucky, my little family unit do not have to go out. We are locked away in our own houses, it’s hard not being able to go out, to continue to work and see those we love but we are SAFE! I really do understand just how lucky we are! We all have gardens so can feel the sun on our faces, can you imagine not having any outdoor space? Or it being the thick of winter? – it would be horrendous!

So, what have we been doing since we closed our doors?

It is the longest time ever that I have not seen my girls, I don’t like it but thank goodness for technology as we FaceTime daily. Not being able to hug Heather on what would have been her wedding day was really difficult. I just wanted to hold her and wipe away her tears but couldn’t, she was on my computer screen, but I couldn’t touch her. It was the same on the 19th April, when it was her birthday, however it won’t be forever, and we have to be thankful we are safe.

There will be many more birthdays to celebrate and a new date has been set for the wedding, it’s a long way off but it will be extra special when Heather and Nick say “I do”.

So, what have we been up to?

We have certainly kept ourselves busy. Heather and Isla are both studying A level business. Trying to study an A level whilst working full time is difficult, they have used this time wisely to study hard. I have everything crossed that they pass their exam in due course. Lots of nail art is appearing on our social media, new colours have been ordered and we love receiving your nail design ideas.

Dani has also been studying. She has passed her level 4 in hairdressing and is keeping herself very busy studying other courses. Congratulations Dani on passing your exam.

Chloe has now finished with us for a while as she stays safe at home awaiting the arrival of her daughter. We look forward to hearing her news and meeting her beautiful little girl. Due to lockdown, we were unable to have the get together we had planned but we will have many celebrations in the future.

I have continued to study and as some of you will already know, we are bringing alternative therapies into the salon. This year, I have qualified in Reiki, Crystal Healing and Counselling. I am studying aromatherapy at present and I will be sitting my meditation exams in the near future.

One thing I have noticed is just how blue the sky is, no haze, no pollution just bright blue sky. Everywhere is green and vibrant, the blossom trees are in full bloom and even though the grass has not been cut in public areas the sun bounces off of the dandelions and daisies. Everywhere is so pretty, bright and colourful. I love the little signs that say “pardon the weeds, we are feeding the bees”. And have you looked up at the night sky lately? It is so clear, and the stars make it feel magical, it’s very rare we see everything so clearly and bright.

There are many theories to why this has happened and why we are living in a world with an invisible virus. I don’t focus on why or wish to lay blame. I believe our world is going to be a very different place and because of that we will all reset our human clock.  We could all be kinder, smile more and be more approachable. Do we need to buy so much as we did pre virus? We have now all learned to make things stretch and do without supplies. Whether it has taught us just to relax more, value what we have, be thankful, be more understanding or a peace with ourselves, there will be a form of positivity for us all in some way.

We must not forget those who have lost loved ones. Thousands of people have lost their lives from young to old. Many people have not been able to say ‘goodbye’, not being able to attend the funeral of a loved one or be with them during their final days must be so distressing, it’s far too painful to think about. Loneliness and mental health are a worry to so many, we must not forget how difficult this lockdown is for some.

Inspirational people are our new heroes. NHS staff and all key workers are keeping us safe, providing a service and are putting their own lives at risk to keep us safe, fed and watered. There are no thanks big enough to signify how we feel about them all.

At 8pm on a Thursday sees us all join together to clap our hero’s in the NHS, we must remember all the wonderful people, key-workers, care workers, shop workers, bin men, funeral directors, delivery drivers, the emergency services and all those who play apart to keep us safe.

The adverts on the television show messages of support, personal tributes and videos. Musicians, actors and actresses showing their support and asking us to stay at home. Theses adverts have become our new ‘normal’ we must abide by the lockdown rules and the social distancing that will be in place for some months.

Captain Tom Moore has shown great courage and integrity. With his strength and the generosity of so many supporters he has raised in excess of £28 million for the NHS. Captain Tom we salute you and will be thinking of you on 30th April 2020 as you celebrate your 100th birthday.

Not only raising money by walking in his garden he has recorded a Number 1 hit with Michael Ball and The Voices of Care Choir, “You’ll never walk alone”.

Captain Tom recites:

“When you walk through a storm,
hold your head up high
and don’t be afraid of the dark.
At the end of the storm,
there’s a golden sky
and the sweet silver song of the lark”.

This song now has a very different meaning to me. The words are poignant, and we will come through this uncertain time. There will be a golden sky at the end of this storm.

One thing is for sure, we are now part of history. The virus of 2020 will be taught in schools and it is something I will tell my grandchildren and hopefully my great grandchildren.

I have found myself humming a song performed by Michael Jackson. It’s a nice tune that most know but once I started to focus on the song and sing the right words it gave me goose bumps.

“Heal the world,
Make it a better place
For you and for me
And the entire human race.
There are people dying
If you care enough for the living
Make it a better place
For you and for me”.

Out of the darkness will come light. We will get through this united as one, it is going to take time and things are still uncertain, but we will look back on this when things settle and realise just how amazing our human race actually is.

We will re-open. We will serve our community and wonderful clients. It is going to be tough and of course we are worried just like all the businesses in Mawsley and beyond.

We must unite and look out for each other, lend a hand and provide a shoulder or time when its needed, support each other and be kind. But most of all we need you, our supportive and wonderful clients, without you we will struggle. I speak for us all when I say, “I believe we can rebuild, re focus, regroup and succeed”.

Stay safe, stay well, look after yourselves and your family when you can.

As you stand tonight at 8pm to clap and remember the NHS, reflect on everyone, remember those who are ill and have lost their lives or their loved ones. Be thankful and be proud! as a country we have united, we have become one and in time we will realise just how lucky we are.

Today, it is Thursday 23rd April 2020. It is St George’s Day.

I am certainly proud to be British ……. Are you?


Much love to you all,


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