Do you really know how to look after your skin?

We spend so much money on make-up and beauty treatments that advertise they will make us look younger. We enhance our eyebrows and lengthen our lashes, and some of us spend large amounts of money on skincare.

How many of you have different lotions and potions on your dressing table and say to yourself at time of purchasing “I am going to make a real effort to look after my skin”?

Like  me, how many of you will buy products due to their anti-ageing promise?

We need to go back to the very b beginning and look at our skin as a canvas. A blank canvas we use every day to make ourselves loom and feel as best as we can, but do we treat our blank canvases correctly?

Before we spend a fortune on cosmetics, creams and treatments, we need to make sure our skin is looked after and nourished. It is so simple!

We need to cleanse, tone and moisture, as well as using a SPF, whether its in your foundation or as a product in itself. It takes five minutes to carry out these simple steps. Find a cleanser, toner and moisturiser which you fee comfortable with, that suits your skin. 

Soap and soap based products tend to have a pH level of around 10, making them much more alkaline than sydnets, which typically have a pH level of seven or lower. By their very  nature, higher pH levels lead to irritation by causing an imbalance with skins own natural pH of 5.5

Our mum is 46 years old this year and so many people comment that she doesn’t look old enough to have daughters of our ages. As you can imagine, she loves the compliments and Heather and myself sit there watching her with a grin across her face from ear to ear. Mum has always looked after her skin. She tries many different treatments, some she believes work, some she believes are a waste of money, but she has always looked after her ‘blank canvas’ as much as she can. 

She loves our new skincare range Diego Dalla Palma and has already purchased a whole range of products from us in the salon. Mum chose all of the anti ageing creams. She uses the ICONTIME range daily and is now half way through the the 30 day treatment of the ICONTIME trilogy. 


Nothing is permanent and perfection doesn’t exist, however, we can look after our skin, feed it and protect it. All that is needed is a good daily skincare routine. It’s not a quick fix or a gimmick, we have to look after our own skin. 

If you would like to know more about our lotions and potions, please come along to our skincare evening on Saturday 9th June 2018 at 6pm. You can also book in for a free no obligation consultation to discuss your skin type, the products that suit you and the basics of skincare. 


We believe in our products, and would love to take you on our ‘Diego Dalla Palma’ journey!


Talk soon,



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