We’ve done it! We’ve picked up our entire business and moved it 5.7 miles down the road. Three and a half weeks of absolute insanity, sleepless nights and crazy crazy decision making has pushed us to our limits, but we pulled it together. 

When we first secured the building that we are in now, it was a complete shell. Carpet tiles, massive long radiators, a tiny corner kitchen and a singular pillar was all you could see. A big open space. We had to have great vision to work out how we could transform this basic room into a salon to be forever proud of. Where would we put the nail desks? Where were we going to put the pedicure chairs? This is something we spent hours upon hours deciding… we needed to get it right. 


After hours of drawing up ideas and getting frustrated, we finally came to a conclusion and all agreed on where walls should be erected. 

It took three and a half weeks for the builders to complete the project. Nothing major went wrong… apart from being wallpapered pea green for a day. We were super happy with the progress of the building work. At the same time as building Mawsley, we were having to pack up and say goodbye to Lamport. Doing this was odd, as Lamport had started off our journey as Revive, however, it was so eciting knowing we were going on to do bigger and better things.

We had two days to complete Mawsley, by putting up furniture and making it all bright and beautiful ready for our launch day on Saturday 1st September. These are two of the most stressful days of our lives. Boxes everywhere, rubbish all over the floor, no space in the tip… we were a mess. The idea of opening up on the Saturday was slipping out of sight by the second. We had so  much help by friends and family, we’ll be forever greatful. 

We stayed super late both nights making sure that everything was perfect. An indian takeaway did help with the hunger, and many bottles of fizzy drinks were downed. As our tiredless leves increased, our energy levels decresed. But we never lost the enthusiasm we started with. 

By Friday night we were so tired, but we had done it. All ready for the opening day on Saturday.

The opening day was a huge success. So many lovely people came to vist us, and we were so proud to show everyone our empire. We didnt stop for the whole five hours, and were so thrilled by the end, after making over 50 new bookings. The overwhelming feeling of success flooded us all and we all left with such amazingly large smiles on our faces. 


Since opening in Mawsley, we have been so lucky to have such amazing customers, new and regular. We are so lucky to have such a close nit team, and are so happy to have welcomed Sarah into the Revive family.

Thankyou to every single person who has wished us luck and who supports us in our business journey! We are so excited for the future ahead of us in Revive Hair & Beauty Mawsley



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