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Skincare is a massive part of our salon, now that we’ve bought in our beautiful skincare range Diego Dalla Palma. We are super excited to be sharing our range with you! Keep your eyes peeled for our official Diego blog coming soon!


For years, I was rubbish with my skincare. I used to use one makeup wipe a day and that was it, not knowing this was literally stripping my skin of all moisture… No wonder I was an acne prone teenager!

I have never been able to find a skincare range that is good for me; Clinique, Elemis, Clarins – all a no no from me! Harsh smells are the worst thing in face creams in my opinion. I cannot stand rubbing a cream into my face and being overwhelmed with strong scents! I have spent many hours searching, spent so many pounds buying different creams and potions, and I’ve always come to the same conclusion, skincare is just not my thing. 


Owning a beauty therapist, you’ve kind of got to practice what you preach. So here I am, using Diego. And in all honesty, I’m loving it! No added perfumes or ingredients make me feel so fresh and clean, and not bogged down with additives. All natural everything! 


Every night, before I have a shower, I take my  makeup off and deep clean my face, making sure to remove any oil or dirt that has built up on my face during the day. 

First of all, I use my Micellar Cleansing water to take off my eye makeup. I never use makeup wipes because the liquid off these can go into the eyes and sting like crazy! This micellar water is amazing at getting even waterproof makeup off, not leaving your eyes sore or irritated in the process! A small drop of this goes a long way!





I then take my face makeup off using the Micellar Cleansing Milk. Every cleanser I have used in the past has been thick and gooey, making you feel like your rubbing cement into your face! Diego’s however is a God Send! It is super smooth and thin, making you feel fresh as a daisy when you wash it off.Again, a little goes a long way with this product, and it is the first cleanser I’ve used which actually removes all makeup in one go, without having to reapply and repeat this step of my routine! Again, this product has no added perfumes or chemicals, which makes the product super smooth on the skin!




Exfoliating your skin is very important, but not every day! I exfoliate my face on a Monday and a Thursday, giving my face a break from the harshness of the exfoliator itself. Exfoliating too much can cause damage to your skin, leaving it sore and sensitive. Exfoliating your skin removes all dead skin cells from your face, and also removes all oil and dirt which may have got trapped in your pores. Most exfoliators have soap beads in the to work as the “scrub”, whereas this product has small grains of sugar in, which melts when you rub into the skin. This is a perfect gran to use on the face to exfoliate, as it is not to harsh on the skin, meaning it doesn’t leave it red or sore after using it! Many people with sensitive skin, such as myself, tend not to exfoliate their skin as they worry that exfoliating will irritate their skin and leave them in all sorts of problems. I promise you this is not the case for this product, as it is 100% suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin! If you bought this product, I can assure you that your skin will feel silky smooth and gorgeous after use.. if not, I’ll eat my words! 




Finally, to moisturise my skin I use Diego’s CP cream. This cream is literally a gift sent from heaven! it has SPF protection “SPF 50 PA++++” which is the highest SPF rating in any cream! This means your face will be protected from the sun, which is the best news ever! Protecting your face from the sun is the biggest priority that you should have, if you don’t protect your face from the sun, the damage when your older will be really obvious, and you’ll be wishing you protected it from the get go! This cream also has a tinted moisturiser aspect to it, meaning you can use it without makeup over the top – great for a quick morning rush! I use this twice a day, before bed and in the morning! I would honestly recommend this cream for every single person in the world! It leaves your skin feeling super smooth and luxurious, With the added bonus of evening out your skin tone and protecting you from the sun!! again, this cream goes a long was, meaning you won’t use loads and it will last so much longer than other creams!!


Side Note:

Diego Dalla Palma also do a shower moisturising range for dry skin. This can however be used on any skin types! I have been using this for roughly two weeks now, and my skin has gone from scaly to silky! I have never been so happy with the state of my skin!


I use the in shower exfoliator twice a week, for the same reason as i use the face exfoliator. Stripping your skin to much is not healthy! This is slightly grainier than the face exfoliator, but our body is more hard wearing so can cope. I scrub this into my whole body whilst in the shower, and then wash it off with warm water.  This literaly leaves my skin feeling so
silky and leaves it looking bright and beautiful. It even brightens my tattoos by removing all the dead skin over them! I get very excited by this! I then use the in shower body cream which is so smooth and silky, I rate it much higher than any other body wash i have every used… even Dove! Again, all Diego products have no added perfumes or added chemicals, which means everything that goes on your skin is natural and not harmful in any shape or form. The body was does have a slight aroma to it, but thats all of the gorgeous ingredients in the cream which leaves you with a gorgeously subtle scent! Finally, after I pop out of the shower, I use the HD Body Fit Super-Moisturising Cream! This. Is. Heaven. My skin has never felt or looked so radiant and beautiful! a small drop of this all over my body and I feel cleaner than I have ever felt before! This cream is not thick, which means you dint feel like yob put a thick bodysuit on like it feels when you put some other moisturisers on! I will never stop using this cream now, it’s honestly the best I’ve ever used… and I’ve used a heck of a lot!


Have any of you lovelies used any of these products? What’s your daily skincare routine?

Talk soon,

Isla xoxo


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