It’s been such a long time since we have been anble to go to a salon and have our nails done professionally! Lots of clients have been in contact to ask how to look after their nails at home. We find that so many people look after their nails perfectly, and they always look lovely when they’re presented to us in the salon. However, some people don’t want to go to a salon and have their nails done, but they do want their nails to look clean and nice. 

There are so many things you can do to  look after your hands and  nails, but below are the few which I believe will help the most. 



It’s very common for us to think about moisturising our faces and bodies on regular basis. Afterall, our skin is our biggest organ and is one of the most prominent part of a person. But what about the smaller parts of your body, such as your nails? Having flakey, brittle nails isn’t only less attractive to look at, but can also be super painful and cause a lot of problems for your fingers. Taking that extra bit of time to rub handcream into your nails when you mositurise will inject that extra bit of nourishment!


Theres nothing worse than noticing a dry bit of skin around your nails and having the desperate urge to pick and chew until its gone… only to leave you with super sore fingers. The same goes for overgrown cuticles. Picking can lead to problems such as infections and damaged nail beds. Leave skin removal to the professionals as they know what skin is dead and what skin is still alive, minimising any injuries being caused. Between appointments with your nail technician, try to use cuticle oil as regularly as you can as this will keep the skin around your nails and your cuticles soft and supple, reducing the risk of peeling skin around the nails.


We all know what happens to our finger tips when we soak in the bath for a long period of time. The skin goes pale and wrinkly right? If this is the effect that long periods of soaking in water does to our skin, what effects does it have on our nails? Well, the nail is like a sponge, making it 1000 times more absorbant than the skin. Excessive exposure to water puts strain on the cells in the nail, which then can cause brittleness, peeling and breakages. Where you can, when washing up for example, please try to wear gloves to  minimalise exposure to water. Hopefully this will help to reduce the risk of problematic nails. Obviously, water can go on your nails when washing your hands and swimming etc, these things cant be helped  and are necessary, just be careful of unnecessary exposure to water.


Have you ever noticed a bit of dirt underneath your nail and decided a pointy object to scrape it out is the best plan of action? Trust me when I say this is a bad idea. You may now have a clean, more attractive nail, but you willalmost definitely have seperated your nail plate from your nail bed, increasing the risk of bacterial fungal infections. Instead, get yourself a soft nail brush and clean underneath your nails this way. Your nails purpose is to protect your nail bed, and even though we want to have pretty nails to look at, the health of them is definately more important. 


It takes a long time to fully qualify in nails, it’s a lot more than painting some nails. It’s having the knowledge of the structure of the nail too. Us nail technicians take a lot of pride in what we do, and want the best for the health of your nails, as well as being able to make them look pretty. Visiting a salon regularly will mean that the health of your nails is being properly managed and advice tailored to your nails will be given. This will ensure that your nails are kept in the best, healthiest condition. 


Most peoples nails goals are length, when in reality is should be strength. Weak nails will never last being long, as they will just bend and snap. By focusing on the condition of your nails, and keeping them onn the shorter side will helpp them become strong, which will then allow you to grow them strong. Think of the long term goal, rather than the short term fix! It all starts with you!


I hope this helps you to be able to keep your nails in the healthiest condition possible!
Stay Safe,

Team Revive xoxo

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