We know everybody is craving news on re-opening … and a hairdo … but those of you following the daily Government updates will know that we still have a little further to go. For very good reason of course too.

With the latest “Roadmap” issued yesterday we are not expecting to open before July, and the exact re-opening date will of course depend on how the situation on Covid-19 develops. We will of course be taking steps over the next few weeks to make sure that we are “ready to go” when we have the green light.

To answer some of your burning questions:

  • When will I be able to book in?
    Online and phone booking will remain closed. With no firm date for re-opening and all the girls officially furloughed, and legally prevented from working, we are not able to administer bookings in this daily changing situation. Keep an eye on Facebook and the website for updates, and we will try and catch up with those who are “offline” when the time comes.
  • What services can we expect on re-opening?
    We don’t know, we hope all of them of of course, but all salon work requires close contact, so we will be following all Government and beauty industry guidelines for safe working.
  • What precautions will you be putting in place?
    Again, we will follow Government and industry advice, but we are fairly certain that we will need to make a few changes to maintain social distancing. So expect some layout changes, probably some screens and some floor tape! We will continue the hygiene regime we put in place before lockdown and will be increasing the use of PPE.

And Now It’s Time For You To Get Ready …

One precaution that the Government has already recommended for all of us now, is the wearing of face coverings in areas where social distancing is difficult.

We don’t know yet of course, but we fully expect, that wearing of such face coverings will be a requirement for anyone visiting a hair & beauty salon.

So time to get busy folks …

In the coming weeks, use this time productively and get your face covering ready. They don’t have to be surgical, filtered or disposable. They can be made out of any old tee shirts or tea cloths, so you can be super creative. Don’t forget to make at least 2 (wash one, wear one) and if you are really enthusiastic how about making some spares that we can offer to those of our clients without the means or the internet?

If you are able to make spares please drop them in a bag or envelope through our letterbox.

Loads of advice available on the internet to make these … here’s just a few …

UK Government Advice on making and wearing face coverings:

Advice from a US site regards homemade face masks:

If you find any further useful links please share them here or via the Facebook Page …


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