Hair colouring is a hugely popular treatment across the globe. We all like to experiment with colour, express ourselves through the colour of our hair and cover those pesky grey roots. But has your hairstylist ever actually given you a guide on how to keep your new colour looking salon fresh between appointments?


Use An Antioxidant Shampoo

An anti oxidant shampoo will help to prevent shade fade! A good example of this shampoo is the Wella ColorMotion+ Colour Protect Shampoo (other brands available). These shampoo’s are packed full of antioxidants and free radicals protection technology. This works by encapsulating metals from water, reducing the formation of free radicals which cause your colour to fade. Correct shampoo use is the key to reap the colour protecting benefits in between salon appointments. This leaves your hair with a smooth, high shine finish.

Weekly Hair Masks

The best way to keep your colour looking salon fresh is by having well-conditioned, nourished hair to begin with. Hair masks are vital to keep your hair looking healthy and your colour looking vibrant. Using a colour locking conditioner every time you wash your hair will keep your hair looking silky smooth. Along with a weekly hair mask, your hair will hold onto the colour and look salon fresh every day!

Hold Off The Heat

Over heating your hair can damage its structure, leaving it dry and sometimes unmanageable. This can leave your hair colour looking flat and dull. Colour always looks the best on shiny, healthy hair! Heat protectant spray will safe-guard your hair and smooth the cuticle with a two phase system: first by protecting, second by nourishing. Allowing your hair to naturally dry will also help your colour look fresh as no extra added heat is involved!

UV Protection

The sun doesn’t only tan our skin, it can also lighten and fade our hair colour too. Grab yourself a UV protection spray such as the Wella INVIGO UV Hair Colour Protection Spray. Use this all year round to inject Vitamin B5 into your hair, to promote strong, healthy locks all year around!


Regular Trims

For the most even-toned, healthy-looking colour possible, having regular trims along your colour appointments is a must! Split, damaged ends created a dry base for hair colour. This means the colour may not absorb properly or penetrate deep enough. This will result in a patchy, uneven finish. Keeping your ends freshly trimmed will eliminate this problem, giving you the most gorgeous looking hair!

Wash Hair Less Often It may sound obvious, but the more you wash your hair, the quicker the colour is going to fade. Whenever your hair gets wet, each hair strand swells and leaks a small amount of pigment. The less you wash your hair, the longer the hair strands will hold onto the colour. Investing in a good dry shampoo will help keep your hair looking and feeling fresh without having to get it wet!


Wellaplex will create a healthy looking finish to all hair colouring treatments. It is especially good to use if you are having your hair lightened. The smart formula of Wellaplex helps to reduce any damage and adds strength to every strand by reinforcing the hair bonds from within. Wellaplex can be added to any hair colouring treatment for an additional £35. Trust us, your hair will thank you!

Colour Prep

Just before your next colouring appointment, opt for a clarifying shampoo/ This removes all the residue from products and old colours before your appointment. This means the hair is super clean, ready for the new colour to be absorbed. However, we don’t recommend you to wash your hair the day of your colouring appointment. This is because the natural build up of sebum on your roots will help to protect your scalp during the colouring process.


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