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Looking After Your Skin In The Summer

Finally! Summer time has started, the suns out and the heat is on! There are so many positives about summer. The Vitamin D, The BBQ's, the beaches, the holidays. Why ruin all of that by not looking after your skin properly? The skin is the biggest organ on the human...

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The Christmas Gift Guide Part 2: Men

I dont know about anybody else, but I find men the most difficut people to buy for. Whenever I've previously asked a man what they want for christmas their answer always seems to be "I dont know" or "You don't need to buy me anything". Grrrrr. I do not know what men...

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The Christmas Gift Guide Part 1: Women

Christmas is single handedly my favourite part of the year. Above everything else, I look forward to christmas the most. Theres something so magical and cozy about the whole of this holiday. Everything seems that bit nicer and happier. I find myself searching for...

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Moving To Mawsley Village

We've done it! We've picked up our entire business and moved it 5.7 miles down the road. Three and a half weeks of absolute insanity, sleepless nights and crazy crazy decision making has pushed us to our limits, but we pulled it together.  When we first secured the...

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How I’m Staying Cool In The Heatwave

  How am I staying cool in the heatwave? Straight up answer... I'm not.  1976 was the last time that England hit such high temperatures. I was born in 1997, meaning I have never experienced heat this high in this country. A normal British summer hits highs of 25...

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Goodbye Revive Beauty At Lamport

Our journey of becoming young business women came reality late in the afternoon on 31st August 2017. Working as beauty therapists for a business was certainly different to owning a beauty business ourselves. As we were so young, nineteen and twenty one, it was a...

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What’s Inside My Handbag?

Handbags are personal. The contents of handbags are personal. Whether it contains your most important possessions, or is full of useless rubbish which we carry around for no apparent reason, we would be lost without our handbags. Or at least I would. Half of the time,...

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Beauty Salon Opening Times

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