I dont know about anybody else, but I find men the most difficut people to buy for. Whenever I’ve previously asked a man what they want for christmas their answer always seems to be “I dont know” or “You don’t need to buy me anything”. Grrrrr. I do not know what men want at all! As I said in blog 1, women tend to be quite easy to buy for as you can base it off what you would like to recieve. However, this rule doesn’t particularly apply to a man, unless you are also a man. I have searched the internet high and low to be able to put this blog together. I have rewritten this blog about four times, changed the gift ideas many more and basically had to give up a few times and come back to it later. Absolute nightmare. However, I have done it. So without further or do, please enjoy blog no.2…

The Christmas Gift Guide Part 2: Men


100 Movies Scratch Poster

I think this is such a lovely gift idea. I assume all men have a space that they call “their own”. My boyfriend has an office, some men have a shed… wherever their safe space is, this poster will be an amazing feature to the room. It features so many classic movies, and the idea behind it is when you watch one of the movies listed on the poster, you scratch off the corrosponding foil to reveal a small image of the movie. Cool idea ,’ey? The best thing about this is that the enjoyment from it can be shared. I know that myself and my boyfriend would love to spend time watching all the films on this poster and have fun revealing the image underneath once the movie is finished. It’s not too expensive either so could be used as a stocking gift… or even a secret santa present!

£12.99 – Firebox


Ray Gun Nose Trimmer

Funny and practical! Most men will get longer nose hair when they age, it just happens. Nobody likes to stare at a nostril with long wires hanging out of them- potentially with the odd bogey on. *Gag*  This is the perfect gift for the man in your life who fits this description. I always think buying someone something which will make them smile is the best part of christmas. Novelty gifts always do this – and I always spend hours on Firebox to find the best gifts possible. This is a tame novelty gift… I normally buy something much ruder! Ray Gun Nose Trimmer. Fabulous.

Firebox – £12.99


Instant Regret Chilli Chocolate

Most men love a bit of spice. Most men also love a bit of a challenge. This fun little stocking filler will cause some fire! Perfect for a little joke present which isn’t too expensive. 

£7.99 – Firebox


Host Your Own Casino Night

Fabulous to keep your men entertained!! Gambling at home can make so many fun nights in with friends and family!! It keeps them out of actual casinos too – so if your man is quick to gamble the cash, you can keep an eye at home! And potentially con him out of a few pounds too! A perfect gift for a surprise! 

£40.00 – Next


Jack & Jones 3 Pack Christmas Socks

Christmas socks. Can also be worn all year around as men wear shoes that hide their socks!! They’re 100% a neccessity. A three pack is a bonus too. Perfect stocking filler! And they’re designer too which makes them even more appealing. 

£10.00 – ASOS


ASOS Design Hooded Dresing Gown

A warm cozy night in cuddled up watching a film is lovely. A warm cozy night cuddled up watching a film wearing a big fluffy dressing gown is heaven. A very practical gift which will last for so long as ASOS items are such amazing quality. 

£35.00 – ASOS


Personalised Bedside Watch & Phone Stand

Personalising something for someone is such a lovely idea. Most men wear watches and I’m sure nearly every man has a mobile phone. This is a lovely addition to the nightstand. You can personalise it in any way that you want too. 

£49.00 – Not On The High Street


Ted Baker Leather Wallet & Cardholder

I swear men keep their wallets until they’re litteraly falling apart. My boyfriends is definitely past it. Ted Baker is such a good quality brand that this wallett should last a while. Even better, it comes with a  cardholder, which means their wallett shouldn’t get battered too quickly! It comes in a beautiful box too whcih makes it a super lovely gift to be given!

£69.00 – John Lewis


Sandal Socks

Hilariously Gross.

£4.99 – Prezzy Box


Magnetic Wristband

Bored of hearing your husband, partner or dad moaning because he keeps dropping screws or can’t find them? This magnetic wristband will help so much. They have no excuse to loose a single screw, as they will be attahced to their wrist! This is such an ingenious gift for a small amount of money! All men will appreciate this gift. 

£6.99 – Prezzy Box


Desktop Arcade Machine

A desktop arcade machine is so much fun. This machine comes with 240 different games, which will keep anyone entertained for hours! If they’re bored on their work breaks, bored at home or just fancy a quick game, this is the perfect present!!

£24.99 – Prezzy Box


Hugo Boss Bottled Eau De Toilette 50ml Gift Set

Any scent gift set is a winner. All  men wear different scents, but if you know them, you’ll probably know their preferred scent. There are so m any different gift sets about at the moment, of all different sixes and prices. You can’t go wrong with this. You’ll also benefit from them smelling delicious. 

£49.00 – House of Fraser


There we have it. The Christmas Gift Guide Part 2: Men. I hope you’ve enjoyed this. I tried my best to give a good variety for you to have a look through.

Keep your eyes peeled for The Christmas Gift Guide Part 2: Girls.


See You Soon,



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