I know what you’re thinking, Herbal Tea? Gross. I fully appreciate this. When I first started drinking herbal/green teas, I was never able to get through a whole mug full without gagging and/or feeling massively sick.  When you don’t enjoy your drink, you start to care less about their benefits, and care more about tipping them down the sink.

However, once you get past the earthy taste and slight dry mouth, the  thought of herbal and green teas seem more appealing. It has been proven in the past that herbal teas are very beneficial to your health. These benefits include lowering you cholesterol levels, boosting your immune system, reducing nausea and helping towards a generally healthier mind and body. 

Green tea is made of dried leaves of tea plant whereas herbal tea is made from bark, root, flowers and leaves of one or different herbal plants. This means that the teas you are consuming are made from all natural ingredients, The only aded extras may be some flavouring, so you don’t feel like you’re mown the lawn with your mouth.


I have tried many different brands of these tea, however a peppermint green tea from Twinnings and a peppermint green tea from Tescos own range are literally no different. Technically, the brand of tea doesn’t matter, the benefits are still the same, and the taste is almost 100% the same. 

When we took over Revive, we inherited a whole stash of Tea Pigs tea bags, of all different flavours. After looking at these for almost a year, I thought I’d investigate the brand and see what they are about in more depth and detail.



 “We believe in something pure and simple…
no airs. no graces. just fine tea”

Tea Pigs have three beliefs:



When I looked into Tea Pigs, I decided I liked what I saw. When searching through their different Teas, I came across a section called ‘Feel Good Teas’. These consist of various different teas which all do different things to keep you feeling good and uplifted. 




Happy Tea

Historically drunk to improve mood and reduce anxiety. Good if you’re feeling a little grumpy. 

‘An organic herbal, fruit and spice infusion with lemon and maple flavouring’


Trim Tea

An organic herbal and fruit infusion with natural peach flavouring’

This is a yummy combination of peach, reship and hibiscus. The active ingredient in this blend is guarana seed from the Amazon Basin. This little seed is known to give your metabolism an almighty all-natural boost!


Calm Tea

‘An organic herbal infusion with natural lemon-lime flavourings’

Drunk for centuries for its calming, stress reducing properties. 



Snooze Tea

A fruit and herbal infusion

Enjoy this yummy blend of apple, lavender and chamomile, known to help maintain a healthy sleep. Light, a little sweet and flowery.


Clean in Green Tea

‘A green tea, herbal and spice infusion with natural flavourings.’

A super combination of green tea, lemongrass, ginger, coconut and dandelion leaves which help cleanse your body – treat your body to the spring clean it so richly deserves. Cleanse, Detox, it does it all!


Up Beet Tea

‘A herbal, green tea, vegetable and spice infusion’

This blend of beets, spice and hibiscus helps gives you extra energy and is fruity and punchy. 



Each pack contains 15 tea bags, and I got all six packs for £20, which if you ask me, is an absolute bargain!

Since drinking these teas daily, I can honestly say my body feels super clean inside and I am much more energetic and happy. I now love the taste of these teas too, which is a bonus and a half!! 

I would recommend these teas to everyone in the world. They’re honestly worth trying and giving a go. All you have to do is boil the kettle, pour over a tea bag into a mug and let infuse for 3 minutes. Then here you have it, a great healthy cup of tea!

Even better, you can make these teas into ice tea in an instant. Make a small mug of the tea you have chosen, get a hint glass full of ice, fill half with cold water and then tip the infused tea water over the top. Give it a little stir and you’ve got the most gorgeously refreshing drink, whilst reaping the benefits of the tea!

I hope this has inspired you to put down your coffee, and try to make yourself feel better, a mug at a time!


Talk soon,




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