Handbags are personal. The contents of handbags are personal. Whether it contains your most important possessions, or is full of useless rubbish which we carry around for no apparent reason, we would be lost without our handbags. Or at least I would. Half of the time, I don’t actually need to be carrying around my handbag, yet, every single time I step out of the front door, I feel lost/naked without it. 

This blog will give you an insight to all of the stuff that I carry around on a day to day basis. 

This is my handbag. I got it from John Lewis at the beginning of the year (in the sale… woohoo) It’s not the biggest handbag in the world, yet it works for me. You will see that it is full of some really random items, so having a larger one would definitely be dangerous! 



I have the matching purse, also in the sale. This takes up most of the bag which wasn’t the brightest idea of my life, however, here we are. I honestly don’t know why I have such a big purse, as I never really have any money in it! However, it is full of useless receipts, some so old that the writing on them has faded almost completely! I’m way too lazy to take them out, although I do sometimes think ‘What if I end up needing that one’, which ends up in a vicious circle. 


  One of the best items in my handbag is my mini ‘Alien’ perfume by Thierry Mugler. Honestly, I have never felt a perfume so gorgeous in my life. My mum bought me a bottle of one of these perfumes on an aeroplane about three/four years ago, and I have never stopped wearing it. There are several different versions of these perfumes. Of course, I love them all. I carry this around just incase I need a quick squirt and refresh… not that i do as i spend 99.9% of my life in the salon! £56 from Debenhams 


Who wants chapped lips? I definitely do not. To me, this is an absolute essential in my handbag! Especially in the summer when we go in and out of different temperatures, as this completely dries out our lips. I use this Art Deco Repair & Care Lip Oil at least five times a day. Every time I go near my handbag, I lather a layer of this on my lips. Not only does it give an incredible shine, it nourishes my lips so so so well. I have always been paranoid about having dry chapped lips, especially as I have a large scar on my bottom lip, which looks ten times worse when dried out. This is a love product as it doesn’t leave your lips feeling covered in product and it also doesn’t bleed from your lips. Bets lip product I’ve come across!!

Considering that I’m a beautician/nail tech, the state of my nail file is actually hideous, as well as the state of my thumb nail in this picture! I like to think its because I’ve used the nail file so often that it’s gotten old, however, its secretly because my dog got a hold of it an wrecked it! However, a nail file is 100% a necessity for your handbag ladies. What happens if you snag your nail whilst food shopping, or trap it in your seatbelt. No nail file, no fixing. No fixing, extremely broken nail. The amount of times I break my nail, and then end up chewing it into a shape that won’t break, for it only to break even more. Worst situation to be in! Moral of this story, carry a nail file ladies!

Being your own boss is super stressful. I spend a lot of my time surpassing stress and annoyance. Hence, my stress ball. No more needs to be said. 

We’re all aware that there is currently a heatwave in England, we are all human, therefore we all perspire. Nobody wants to smell, or be near anyone who does smell. I carry around a smaller bottle of dove original spray deodorant. I use this too often I’m sure. However, I can safely say that I do not smell sweaty. A quick spray of this saves the day when the hot air gets way too much. It may be quite bulky for the handbag, but it’s worth all the room that it takes up. 


Moisturised skin is the best type of skin. I now carry around this brand new Banana Body Yogurt from The Body Shop. This feels so amazing on the skin. It promises not to leave you feeling sticky and tacky. It follows through! Any body product I have previously used leaves a thick feeling layer of grease all over your body, making it super uncomfortable to have on for any extended periods of time. This is the complete opposite! Two minutes after application, you feel like you are not wearing any product at all. You are just left with gorgeously smooth and moisturised skin. You’ll also smell absolutely gorgeous. This pot is only small so it doesn’t take up too much of your handbag. 


A book is always essential. Bored in the car? (Not whilst driving) Bored whilst waiting between meetings? Bored at all? A book in your bag will stop any boredom whatsoever. Its also less likely to make you boss eyed like playing candy crush on your phone will. Old style is better, and more entertaining! (In my opinion)



Finally, bad hair day? Too windy outside? Last minute meeting? A tangle teaser will save the day. A quick brush and you’re ready to go! Also, brushing your hair is super good for its health, so why not brush it a couple of times a day? This one smells like Coconut too, which is amazing!!! (and we are going to sell them in our salon!)


These are the essentials that I carry around every day, as well as all the random loose change that knocks about way down in the depths! I don’t quite know how I fit everything in my small handbag, but I manage. It’s definitely a challenge to carry around every day though! 

What do you carry around in your handbag every day? Anything different to what I carry around?


Talk soon,



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